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Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Match Day * Home Club Ensure all players correctly registered. *Pitch is in playing condition, with goal nets & corner flags. *Changing rooms in clean & hygienic condition. *Welcome opposition & referee and confirm name. *Offer linesman flags and two match balls to referee. *Refreshments for opposition & referee at half time. *Hot washing facilities at end of game. Text in Result to FA Full Time - 17:15 deadline (21:00 evening matches). County Cup games text in result so as to be on safe side. *Pay referee fee and give him SAE for Team Sheets. (address on card should be Mr D Mason) *Postponement/Abandonment of  game inform League Secretary, opposition & referee at earliest convenience. Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Weekly Sunday evening (Tuesday is deadline) – Home Club to ring opposition with match details. ko time, location, colours, referees name. Home Club to ring Referee with match details. Fill in Team Sheet on FA Full Time to include goalscorers within 3 days. Registration of players 9pm previous day to play. Onus on Club to check eligibility of player. Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Monthly Read minutes – if fined and do not receive invoice then inform League Secretary - Pay invoices within 14 days. NB - Fines – to be paid even if you wish to appeal. Check fixtures – inform fixture secretary of any problems. Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Annually Two weeks before season starts – 12 players registered per team. September & February – Full Members Meetings. December 31st – February 1st – intention of withdrawing. 2nd Wednesday in February – return of league trophies. March 1st – submit any proposed alteration to League Rules. March 1st - no further registrations or transfers. May 1st – send in FULLY completed Forms 1A & 1B signed and with payment and affiliate to County FA. Monday June 15th- AGM @ Sixfields Stadium 19:30 start Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Miscellaneous Secretary changes, name changes, team colours, change of contact details MUST be informed to League Secretary & County FA as soon as possible.. NFA cautions/sending offs deal with immediately. If you fail to deal with these matters, then you could find your Club suspended from all football, which means that your Club will have their fixtures withdrawn and fines & points deduction. 7 days notice for transfers of players – this includes from other Leagues. 31st August last date for submitting Club accounts to the NFA. Messages - if you are left a message from another Club/Referee/League please confirm out of courtesy.
Club Secretaries Responsibilities - Communications Process   IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE YOUR: Postal Address - Email Address - Landline Phone Number - Mobile Phone Number - Answer Phone Facility. Name and Contact Numbers of the person responsible in your absence. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOUR CLUB CAN BE CONTACTED 24/7 YOU MUST Read League Minutes and respond accordingly.. Respond immediately to League Correspondence. Advise other clubs and match officials in changes in match day circumstances. Be sure that your players and club are free from NFA suspensions and inform the League if there are problems. Advise the league in advance of any potential problems. Ensure you club is represented at the AGM and Full Members Meeting. NB: COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE LEAGUE  MUST BE CLUB SECRETARY TO LEAGUE SECRETARY..
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